So far Lord Saturn was on your 5th house.  It is going to bring you great fortune for you. Especially from Aug 2013, the combined effects of Janma Sani would have made your life miserable. Right now Jupiter is also on your 2nd house and you will start enjoying Raj Yoga from Nov 2014 itself. Lord Saturn will make sure that you will win over hidden enemies and provide you great success and happiness in many aspects of your life.

Emotional pain would be one of the biggest problem for you. Since Saturn on 5th house, is the recent years, is capable of creating severe depression.

Let it be any kind major health problems or any kind of major mind disorders like chronic depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bi Polar Disorder, Phobia or Paranoia, etc . You will be more attractive to people in the opposite sex because of Saturn aspecting your 12th house.
Students who were under performing for the last couple of years will show up very good interest on their studies and they will outperform on their studies. Admission to very good school, college and universities are indicated.
The downside of career you went through in the past year is mainly because of Jupiter and not because of Saturn. Right now both Saturn and Jupiter are getting ready to provide excellent opportunities to shine well on your career. Saturn on your 6th house will make sure that you will not have any hidden enemies.

It is an excellent time to expand your business. It is also a good time to start a new company. Make sure your natal chart support doing business and having partners. People who are in already in business might have considered bankruptcy before May 2014. But things would have started changing on a positive direction and you will get huge win against your competitors. 

Financially it is looking great for the next 3 years. You will keep paying off your debts and slowing building your assets. Based on the strength of natal chart, the speed of recovery and how much height you will reach on your life will be decided. But this is the best time for you in your life with respect to finance. You will also buy your dream home with the current Saturn transit.

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 GOD BLESS YOU.....    

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