is moving your from Janma Sthanam house to Dana sthanam. It shows that you have crossed Janma Shani and currently under pada shani. It is the last part of sade sati. Usually the sade-sati impact will be very less when you cross Janma Shani since the worst part will be over during Janma Shani. Congrats for graduating from Janma Shani.

This can definitely make your life better for sure. The problems at your workplace will come down and you will recover your debts. Your health condition will improve and family problems will come down. Overall you will see great relief in many aspects of the life. You will see most enjoyable time when Jupiter will be transiting on to your Labha Sthanam from Aug 2015 to July 2016.

Janma Shani would have given you ill health and severe mental depression. Since Janma Shani is moving away, you will get lot of relief and intensity of the problems will come down for sure. The speed of recovery based on your natal chart and current dasa  period. Even if you weak Maha dasa, you will regain sound health when Jupiter will be traversing onto your labha sthan that is between August 2015 and July 2016. In either case, you will start regaining positive energies from the planets. If you were addicted to gambling or alcoholic beverages, you will come out definitely with the current transit. Keep doing meditations and prayers to regain the positive energies from the planets very quickly.

LORD SHANI on your Janma sthan would have collapsed your personal and family life like anything. There is no surprise, If you had been through temporary or permanent separation, divorce, lawsuits, broken engagements, etc. These all are the common effects of Janma Shani. Since you have graduated from Janma Shani, there is no doubt, your life is going to very good going forward. Now you can relax since you have completed the worst part.

If you are single and looking for a match, it is ok to start looking for a match from Dec 2014 onwards. But it would be better to get married between August 2015 and July 2016, since both Saturn and Jupiter would be in good position for you. Lovers will slowly recover from their painful incidents and start a new beginning. Married couples will have great relief and start leading happy married life. You may get blessed with a baby when Jupiter is in favorable spot.

Janma shani would have screwed up your career completely in the last over two years with continuous failures. Let it be anything you did in the past, would have given you failures and losses. Now you will start making meaningful progress on your career. Your career growth would be king exponential curve from Nov 2014. Meaning you will pick up very slowly and will start moving up like anything from Aug 2015 on wards. There is no surprise if you were unemployed currently. If so, you will get a Job before end of Dec 2014. But do not expect too much of salary or excellent position. You will get excellent opportunities after a couple of months.
If you have survived on your business, then it would be a great achievement. You will start making excellent progress in the coming months. But think twice before you make any decisions. Traders need to be very careful and play only if their natal chart supports trading. Remember that you are still under last phase of sade-sati.

You would have made a nice and very big debt mountain. It will be harder to see such a debt mountain you have built in the last over 5 years. Going forward, you will start paying off your debts and will get some relief in the coming months.  You would have made excellent progress by end of 2015.

                                            God Bless You!

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