ARIES (MESHA): Right now it's all about your love life! With communicative Mercury, romantic Venus, and the sun all in your zone of relationships, you are attracting lots of attention! If you are single, this is the perfect time to get out there and meet new people, so don't you dare stay home watching Netflix! You could also reunite with an ex or someone you dismissed long ago, so hear them out. You just may change your mind. Work collaborations are blessed right now, especially on Wednesday, so be open to whoever crosses your path. A new idea could crop up                                                     when Mercury and the sun unite Friday. Take things one step at a                                                 time since Mercury is still retrograde.
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TAURUS (VRISHABHA):It's all about getting into a great routine this week. You tend to be a pretty organized person and now is the time when you can really get rid of unnecessary distractions, thanks to the sun, communicative Mercury, and your ruler, alluring Venus all clustered in your zone of health and routine. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just head to a yoga class to unwind. Tuesday and Wednesday are especially excellent days for you to focus on taking care of yourself and just ignoring the commotion elsewhere. You could discover a new app or workout class that you fall in love with Friday when Venus and Mercury unite. Anything that makes your life easier is A-OK right now!
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GEMINI (MITHUN): Unleash your creative energies this week! The sun, alluring Venus, and your ruler, communicative Mercury, are all stacked up in your zone of fun, romance and creativity. This is a happy occasion indeed! Unite with others, both personally and professionally, on Tuesday and Wednesday when some important connections can be made. These people could be major supporters or love interests, so take the time to find common ground and foster new relationships. Friday is a romantic day when Mercury and Venus unite. Pay attention to                                                        what others are telling you, but ultimately follow your heart!

CANCER (KARKA): This week is all about cozy nesting at home, and maybe even finding some perfect pieces to redecorate your pad! With a slew of planets clustered together in your zone of family, domesticity, and cooking, you could be feeling quite nostalgic for home or could even hear from someone from your past. Tuesday and Wednesday would be the best day to hit the shops for redecorating, or email someone you have been meaning to get in touch with. When clever Mercury unites with romantic Venus on Friday, sparks will fly. Invite friends over for a party at                                                    your place and get ready to make an interesting connection.

LEO (SIMHA): Fantastic new ideas and information are coming your way this week. With clever Mercury, romantic Venus, and your ruler, the sun, all clustered in your zone of reading, writing, and communication, now is the time to scour your favorite blogs, newspapers, and media outlets for interesting ideas that could help you with a career goal. Tuesday and Wednesday are especially lucky days so consider going to some community events and meeting new people. You could reconnect romantically with someone from your past Friday when Mercury unites with Venus.                                                 Make this a fresh chapter rather than more of the same.

VIRGO (KANYA): This is a fabulous week for uncovering new job opportunities or simply discovering what it is that you most enjoy doing when you aren't at work. Be honest with yourself about what you really love and have the confidence to just go for it. The planets will be helping you out big time Tuesday and Wednesday, so sow the seeds for your deepest dreams and know that you capable of achieving them! On Friday, your ruler, communicative Mercury, unites with the planet of love and money, Venus. Pay attention to any people you meet now or                                                            random ideas you have! This could be your big break.

LIBRA (TULA):  Lots of exciting things continue to happen in your life! With your ruler, alluring Venus, transiting your sign, as well as the sun and communicative Mercury, all eyes are on you and everyone want to hear what you have to say. Seize this opportunity to set a new standard for how you want things to go in the future, both personally and professionally. Tuesday and Wednesday will be your best days for putting your new plans in motion, and you will have the support of others to back you up. When Venus unites with Mercury on Friday, get your message out                                                 there, but just beware that since Mercury is still retrograde, you                                                     may have to clarify or make adjustments later.

SCORPIO (MAKAR): Something exciting is simmering under the surface! You are a very intuitive person and recently your dreams and insights have become stronger than ever. This is thanks to the sun, alluring Venus, and communicative Mercury all clustered in your zone of dreams and inspiration. Let them work their magic this week and provide you with lots of fresh ideas that you can put into action soon. No need to jump out of the gate swinging, but subtly put your plans in place Tuesday and Wednesday when they can make an impact. Friday is a romantic day when Venus and                                                       Mercury unite, so consider re watching your favorite old movies                                                     with a new love.
SAGITTARIUS (DHANU):You are a social person who loves your friends and now is a time to be focused on reconnecting with them. With the sun, communicative Mercury, and alluring Venus all stacked up in your zone of friends, groups, and technology, now is the time to focus on bonding — and maybe working on that app or blog you have been talking about! Tuesday and Wednesday are dream days for setting your plans in motion, since you will have lots of support from others. Friday is the most romantic day this week when Venus and Mercury unite. A friendship could                                                         blossom into something more! Just make sure you are both on the                                                 same page.

CAPRICORN (MAKAR): This is a big work week for you! Communicative Mercury, financially savvy Venus, and the sun are all clustered in your zone of fame, success and honors. You could catch the attention of some serious VIPs this week so don't shy away from your responsibilities. Tuesday and Wednesday are your most dynamo days to make progress, when both your long-term strategy and short-term vision sync up. You could also be developing a serious workplace crush! Friday is the day when passions may simmer over. Just remember that since Mercury is                                                    still retrograde, you two could be sending each other mixed                                                              messages.

 AQUARIUS (KUMBHA): Adventure is in the air! Venus, the planet of love and beauty, communicative Mercury, and the sun are all in your zone of travel, education and adventure. Get out of your comfort zone and say yes to unexpected proposals this week, even if it's only a random restaurant on the other side of town! Tuesday and Wednesday are your most promising days for trying new things, especially Tuesday, when it may lead you to meeting a special someone. If so, set up date night for Friday when Mercury and Venus unite. You two could connect over your shared beliefs                                                   and philosophy.


PISCES (MEEN): You are a pretty self-reflective person, and this week is a perfect time to step back and do a little soul-searching. With the sun, alluring Venus, and communicative Mercury all touring your zone of intimacy, privacy, and hidden passions, you have a chance now to reflect on what those things really mean to you. This could lead to some explosive revelations — both inside and outside the bedroom! Put your new insights into practice Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't be shy about asking for what you want! Sparks sizzle when Mercury and Venus unite Friday. This                                                      may be time for a little kinky experimentation!


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