ARIES (MESH-RASHI): Today your fortune brings stability and balance in earthy matters today as you accomplish a goal.There are strong indications that planetary movements will change things for the better. You are ambitious and have a realistic approach that earns you success and material gain. Your social life is enviable as you are much in demand.


LOVE: 55%   MONEY: 40%   CAREER: 56%   HEALTH: 65%   INTELLECTUAL: 70%   EMOTIONAL: 70%

TAURUS (VRISHABHA-RASHI):You  remain centered within to achieve a healthy state of mind, body and spirit today. Beware of over emphasizing points in professional situations. Go beyond delusions and take responsibility for your own expectations rather than attributing them to others.Do not get upset should things not work in your favour; keep in mind that today is not apocalypse.


LOVE: 65%   MONEY: 50%   CAREER: 55%   HEALTH: 45%   INTELLECTUAL: 90%   EMOTIONAL: 40%

GEMINI (MITHUN-RASHI): You draw a lot of attention at a meeting while expressing new ideas. You may have your head in the clouds and lightness in your step that give your state away. Personal relationships develop in a positive way. You are generous in family matters. There is a bright chance that you will have a both thoughtful and rewarding day today.


LOVE: 55%   MONEY: 40%   CAREER: 50%   HEALTH: 45%   INTELLECTUAL: 40%   EMOTIONAL: 70%

CANCER (KARKA-RASHI): Your luck bring happiness and fulfillment in personal relationships and family situations today. A prestigious professional assignment is allotted to you. You are likely to specialize further and gain success in your field of activity. At work, you shall find the resources to dig up a successful business tactic. If you are a job aspirant, an interview in the evening shall go well.


LOVE: 50%   MONEY: 60%   CAREER: 70%   HEALTH: 85%   INTELLECTUAL: 40%   EMOTIONAL: 50%


LEO (SIMHA-RASHI):You are a winner today as your energies are in fine balance. There is love in relationships, success at work and gain in investments. Family is close and there are fun times to look forward to. You are lucky - what you put energy into works out well.


LOVE: 55%   MONEY: 50%   CAREER: 55%   HEALTH: 65%   INTELLECTUAL: 60%   EMOTIONAL: 40%

VIRGO (KANYA- RASHI): You wield authority most effectively today as you bring perspective in chaotic situations. Success brings rank and respect as you dominate the professional scene in a conference or seminar. Loosen your grip, feel free and share or you become restricted.


LOVE: 55%   MONEY: 40%   CAREER: 65%   HEALTH: 65%   INTELLECTUAL: 90%   EMOTIONAL: 40%

LIBRA (TULA-RASHI) :You recover from illness or debility and regain strength today. You tend to be a workaholic; look upon life as a mystery to be lived rather than a business to be managed. It's best to wait for clarity and totality before taking the next important step. Well, that little bit should get you going. In any case, you make the best possible impression on the opposite sex, and today will be no exception. In the evening, you can expect to spend some magical moments with your family members.

LOVE: 58%   MONEY: 60%   CAREER: 39%   HEALTH: 40%   INTELLECTUAL: 50%   EMOTIONAL: 40%

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Saturn Transit Predictions : LIBRA (Tula Rashi) - (Nov 02, 2014 to Oct 25, 2017)

SCORPIO (VARASHCHIK-RASHI): Good  relationships and business partnerships are likely to get closer while stressed or limited relationships are likely to fall apart. You are likely to be presented with choices and it's hard for you to make decisions as you can see both sides. Quarantine yourself from worries at work. Open your heart to loved ones today.

LUCKY  NUMBER : 5 & 21

LOVE: 48%   MONEY: 68%   CAREER: 37%   HEALTH: 50%   INTELLECTUAL: 50%   EMOTIONAL: 70%

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SAGITTARIUS (DHANU-RASHI):Love in relationships and stability in collaborations is regained as you come to terms and make peaceful resolutions. When you are in a dilemma and don't know which path to chose, weighing pros and cons may not help but listening to your heart will. A lucky day for you as you go in for improving your appearance. Your social status will be boosted too. Your brainstorms will propel you into the limelight, so be prepared to receive much adulation.


LOVE: 55%   MONEY: 40%   CAREER: 60%   HEALTH: 65%   INTELLECTUAL: 60%   EMOTIONAL: 40%

CAPRICORN (MAKAR-RASHI): You may feel bogged down in trying to handle too much at the same time rather than taking one task at a time. You make a breakthrough and release yourself from restricting relationships. Slowly you win an old battle and restore your self-esteem.At work, you will garner the support of your colleagues and subordinates for mutual goals, but at the same time, be wary of your competitors who may try to outdo you.


LOVE: 56%   MONEY: 70%   CAREER: 50%   HEALTH: 65%   INTELLECTUAL: 60%   EMOTIONAL: 70%
AQUARIUS (KUMBHA-RASHI): Business opportunities and relationships develop with speed, demanding attention and clarity. There is growth in material aspects as transactions and deals are concluded smoothly. Keep your business moving till you find an opportunity for change. You are at your best today. A perfect blend of commitment and competency, you will zap people by your persona. By afternoon, your adrenaline will be pumping fast, and you’ll agree to complete others’ work too.


LOVE: 46%   MONEY: 60%   CAREER: 50%   HEALTH: 60%   INTELLECTUAL: 60%   EMOTIONAL: 70%

PISCES (MEEN - RASHI):Be positive and practical rather than over analytic today. You are delicate yet courageous in assignments. Don't frighten people away with your temper, stop and let in some fresh energy. You must spend some time with your loved ones to make them happy. Also, you need to acknowledge those who contributed to your success.Yoga is recommended! Forgive yourself and others for past mistakes.Your finances look good. Family matters will keep you busy in the afternoon.


LOVE: 57%   MONEY: 50%   CAREER: 50%   HEALTH: 60%   INTELLECTUAL: 60%   EMOTIONAL: 30%

                Saturn Transit Predictions 
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