ARIES (MESH-RASHI) : Difficulties and delays are likely to be caused by lack of preparation, planning, and organization. Even if you are the most careful individual, you are apt to be caught just when things are in disarray, or, just when you need something, it cannot be located in time. People are out of sync with each other and with you. Bad timing is an obstacle to progress. You will find work to be very stressful today. However, it will not prevent you from taking shots at your opponents. 

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TAURUS (VRISHABHA-RASHI):You'll know exactly what to do to make money today; those of you involved in trading could find this is a banner day. Of course, sudden reversals are also possible, but any Bull involved in the stock market should know that by now. The point is that you have the Midas Touch in work and in business during this time.

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TAURUS (Vrishaba Rashi) - (Nov 02, 2014 to Oct 25, 2017) - Saturn Transit Predictions

GEMINI (MITHUN-RASHI) : You should wake up feeling fine and frisky as your high cycle begins; with the Moon in your sign, you can conquer the world! Your powers of persuasion are increased as your charm and magnetism are high.If there is something you want, now is the time to ask for it. Romance and passion are also stimulated, so make sure you look your best when you leave the house. Beneficial colors are ruby red and pale violet. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.

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CANCER (KARKA-RASHI) : Enjoy a quiet day, Cancer. Reflect upon the events of the past month and decide where you go from here. Avoid people who are upsetting to you and stay close to the places you feel comfortable in as you recharge your spiritual batteries. Put your favorite music on the stereo, light some candles and create your own heaven on earth. Beneficial colors are midnight blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.

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LEO (SIMHA-RASHI) : Try to be available to those who need you, Leo.  If have been experiencing difficulties as Mars and Saturn put pressure on your lovelife and family responsibilities, just remember that in the end, you'll know who your real friends are. If you're a true friend to others, you'll find that they will respond in kind. Benefical colors are sparkling orange and magenta. Lucky numbers are 8 and 14. 

VIRGO (KANYA- RASHI) : The Moon enters your tenth house of career and reputation, combining with flattering Venus to bring you status. You may have an opportunity to impress your superiors, especially if women are involved. If you blend good manners and taste with your presentation, you should be able to win everyone over. Remember that 'good guys finish last' is just a myth perpetuated by sore losers! Beneficial colors are basic black and heather gray. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.

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Saturn Transit Predictions: VIRGO (Kanya - Rashi) - (Nov 02, 2014 to Oct 25, 2017)

LIBRA (TULA-RASHI) : With the Moon in your ninth house of travel and adventure, many of you will be ready to have fun with your friends. The next two days may find you itching to do something new and exciting. Why not take a day trip to a place of interest not far from your home town? Those of you who truly live in the middle of nowhere can always rent a foreign film. Favorable colors are maroon and khaki. Lucky numbers are 21 and 39.


 SCORPIO (VARASHCHIK-RASHI) :The Moon sails through your eighth house of sex, money, and power today, stimulating your desires. Many of you will find this is a good day for business, while others will find intimate expression exquisite. Even normally antagonistic relationships can be harmonious now. One thing is for sure: if you find yourself involved in a power struggle, it is apt to be something you enjoy. Fortunate colors are chocolate brown and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 14.

SAGITTARIUS (DHANU-RASHI) : Focus on celebrating your relationship with the most important person in your life. If that person happens to have four legs, treat your furry friend to a romp in the park.Sweetness can be found as the Moon enters your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. If you can find time for your significant other, you can make this one of those beautiful, lazy days. Try not to worry about the outside world for now. Ideal colors are blossom pink and spring green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.

Saturn Transit Predictions : SAGITTARIUS (Dhanu - Rashi) Nov 02, 2014 to Oct 25, 2017

CAPRICORN (MAKAR-RASHI) : Start your day off in a healthy, practical way as the Moon enters your sixth house of health and service. You may want to recruit your best friend or partner to join you... improving your health can be fun when you do it as a team, so consider starting a walking routine. If you walk for thirty minutes together each evening, you can let off a lot of steam in a positive way. Favourable colors are cobalt blue and dove gray. Lucky numbers are 14 and 32.

AQUARIUS (KUMBHA-RASHI) : You might need to find a way to cheer yourself up as the sensitive Moon and aggressive Mars pick on dour Saturn today; if you're feeling blue, remind yourself that it's just a passing mood. In a few days, life will be looking bright again! Many of you will be tending to the emotional and physical needs of your home and family during this time. Spread good karma by being supportive and responsible. Greater energy is also available for friends and for thinking about future plans.

Saturn Transit Predictions : AQUARIUS (Kumbha Rashi) Nov 02, 2014 to Oct 25, 2017

PISCES (MEEN - RASHI): Your psychic impressions are likely to be strong, which may be troubling for some. Sudden insights may be jarring, and dreams disturbing. Relax, and allow the caring Moon to help you understand the meaning of these messages. By taking stock of how you feel, you'll be able to make sense of the information you're receiving.

PISCES (Meen-Rashi) - (Nov 02, 2014 to Oct 25, 2017) - Saturn Transit Predictions

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