Lucky days for Taurus during this month are 6, 18 and 21

Lucky December Colour: White & Maroon

You are likely to go head over heels for someone you simply cannot stop loving! Buying a piece of health equipment is possible for some. Shifting to a bigger house is indicated. If you are not following instructions at work, you are asking for trouble, so mend your ways or someone else will make you do it. Trouble brews for youngsters on the domestic front for something not done. You may hide more than what you reveal, this may make others suspect you. 

The love front will be a calm direction for you in December, although the stars do recommend that you pay special attention to some things. For example, during the first ten-day period and especially during the Full Moon (December 6), there is a real danger of a conflict of interests. The interests of you and your lover. We are not just talking about some banal argument, but a direct conflict of some key principles of your worldviews and perceptions. This may turn out to be a massive conflict ending in separation.

The House of Taurus, the leading sign of the Earth element, will experience a confidently positive influence from the “classical” celestial bodies of the Solar System in December 2014. This means that most of the planets that have a direct influence on this House will only be positive.

Until December 21, the Sun is in Sagittarius, your eighth house of joint ventures and fiscal stability, giving you an intense focus on what it means to pool resources, financial, emotional and even spiritual. Intimacy figures in pretty prominently. Your self-sufficient sign is ready to let down your guard and surrender with the right partner, whether professionally or personally. This is no light dalliance—when you play, it’s for keeps—and that’s probably why you’re so nervous. Chances are, strong emotions will rise up, like silt from the bottom of the lake. Instead of avoiding them, dive in and process—even if your steady sign doesn’t always like to go that deep. Matters of sex and sensuality also come into play, as you’re eager to blur boundaries on an intimate level. Finances could get a boost from your propensity toward strategic thinking and planning—how can you work smarter, not harder? 

Until the 11th Venus is in a place of emotional depth and something or someone can touch your feelings, or others can feel moved by you. In general, it can mean things may become more intimate or ’involved’. 

On December 21, the Sun moves into Capricorn, your adventurous ninth house, bringing some much-needed levity to your life.You’re definitely in the mood to let the good times roll now, and to expand your horizons in the process. Perhaps you’ll embark on the trip or a lifetime, or forge new thought horizons, enrolling in a course of study or delving into a new spiritual philosophy.

From the 5th the Mars position indicates a period for putting physical effort into achieving certain goals and ambitions. These may be career orientated or ‘via’ points on the way to where you hope to end up. Overall, this transit of Mars could inspire you to take more responsibility about your direction in life and you care more about the impressions you make on certain others. 

The month closes with some serious celebration. New Year's Eve features a moon in Taurus, your sizzling first house—get ready to lead the conga line! This is no wallflower evening for you, Bull. All eyes are on you, so make sure you’re dressed to kill…or to impress the heck out of people with your dance moves. Lift that glass of bubbly high—surely, you’ve got a memorable toast in you. Whether you gather with pals or hit a festive dinner out, one thing is for sure: you’re not just the life of the party…you ARE the party  !!!!!!!!

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