LEO 2016 PREDICTION


Key Transits – 2016 

Wily Saturn travels through fiery Sign Sagittarius in the 5th House from your Sign, for the whole of the year.

Saturn turn retrograde from April 1 and turns direct from August 13.

Rahu (North Node) transits through Virgo, in the 2nd House from your Sign for the whole of the year.

Ketu (South Node), for whole of the year, transits through Pisces in the 8th House from your Sign.

Jupiter transits in Virgo, in the 2nd House from your Sign, at the beginning of the year.

Jupiter turns retrograde in Virgo, from January 8 and turns direct from May 10.

Jupiter changes Sign to enter the Airy, Cardinal Sign, Libra in the 3rd House from your Sign, from September 10.

Mars transits in its own Sign – the passionate Scorpio, in the 4th House from your Sign, from January 4 and enters a fiery dual natured Sagittarius, in the 5th House from your Sign, from March 7.

Mars turns retrograde in Sagittarius from April 18.

Mars re-enters Scorpio, in retrograde mode, from May 28. Mars turns direct in Scorpio from June 30. Mars then re-enters Sagittarius from August 3.

Saturn Sade Sati/ Dhaiya: This year you will experience the effectS of Saturn Dhaiya.

Negative traits: Arrogance, attachment to false appreciation, spendthrift

Positive traits: Good health, self-respect, determined

Lucky Numbers: 1 & 9

Warning: Don’t misuse powers and follow the rules made by government.

Remedy: Worship Lord Saturn for avoiding the sufferings of Saturn Dhaiya.

Colors to be avoided: White, black and green

Direction: West

Eatables: Avoid oily and fatty things.

Eventful Times 

Mid April till June end
July 15 to October 25

Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius would be good for Leo natives bringing reliability and stability in your relationships. Saturn would bring in the much needed maturity for you to choose the right partners in life. Saturn in 2016 would however make your work area a little stressful for the year. The first part of the year would be a little tiring with Jupiter placed in the sign of Virgo. 

However its transit around middle part of the year to the house of Libra might fetch you good finances, luck and fortune in life. Uranus would be in the house of Virgo till 2018, a pretty long period though. For Leos this placement gives much energy that can be put to constructive use in education, travels, and spiritual pursuits. During the second part of the year 2016 when Jupiter moves to Virgo, you might face withdrawal symptoms, spiritual affinities and some secret affiliations. A good time to develop your intuition and perception of life. 

Throughout the entire year 2016, health shouldn't be neglected. Pluto, located in Leo's house of diseases, will receive tense aspects from Uranus, and in the second part of the year from Jupiter as well. Hence stress, indulgence and addictions need to be avoided or at least cut down for your overall benefit. 


In the year of 2016, there would be a good flow of resources, energy and ideas in your life. You would learn to lead a simple life despite your innate nature of being too much showy. But then your voice need to be heard till far off and hence you need to stick to the limelight come what may in your life. There would be many ways to learn much about your inner self and your reaction towards those around you. The year would also bring in its good share of troubles and hence there would be frequent upheavals in your life. Do not trust anyone even those close to your heart for this year. You do not where the troubles lies. Hence be discrete and choosy in your ways. Make sure that you get your fair dose of freedom and independence in your personal and professional life. Do not make new decisions till around the middle of the year. Learn to trust your intuition and your impulses. There would be some wrestling on your part to take hold of the domination of your personal space in this year.


This year of 2016 would be a good period to get your plans and ideas into action and more practical approach. Do not dare to look straight into the eyes of your authorities or peers even if it means going against them. Learn to assert your position in the work place. In this period there would be much temptation for you to make a relocation or move. Do not complain and if your heart says yes then better get packing and move off. Slugging around would make the matters worse only. The first half of the year would provide you with vast scope for expansion and growth for those in the business as well as in the services sector. Do your ground work properly with grit and determination and your long term future gets secured. Practicality would be the key to survival in your career side for this year.


In the year 2016, you would be able to receive much love and care from your near and dear ones than you can be able to shower on them. Home would be your mainstay for the year. There would be some obstacles in your love life or married life that your perception needs to be sharp to get things done in the right sense. Do not give way to permanent rifts but instead try to communicate with your partner and make amends. There would be million ways to get closer to your partner like never before. Learn to balance your relationship with your professional life. You would be able to dominate the scene in intimate and romantic moves in your love life. There would be a stable performance for the last half of the year in this area. Have meaningful conversations with your partner about your long term plans together. This would help you to get a clear picture of the future of you both. The end of the year would bring in some hiccups but be prepared to pooh-pooh them with your optimistic approach.


The year might bring in some fresh financial troubles for Leo natives. Hence though your services or business grows you would be able to feel the pinch now and then. Try to bring better financial security into your life with a revamp of your budgetary plans. If you plan to spend carefully then there would be some left to save for the next few years. Make a positive resolve to put your money into a constructive mode that would be helpful in the future. The second half of the year would provide opportunities for some speculative deals. But do not expect a windfall here. Your finances would be secure though major growth cannot be predicted for the year as a whole.


The start of the year would find you in low spirits, energy and vigour, that minor ailments are likely to haunt you. However the middle of the year would see you in a new light. There would be some troubles related to your nervous and digestive systems. Hence make sure that what you eat and what you do, do not strain these two systems too much. Change your lifestyle and give up nagging bad habits of your life. Get out of your hard work mode and take time off for some recreational ventures. Although there would not be much energy, your endurance and optimistic outlook shall see you through the year with flying colours in the health front.


The year 2016 would provide you with opportunities for the forward movement. Grasp them by the horns and try to climb up in life. Bring your creative side to the foreground now. Time would be by your side, hence keep going despite occasional road blocks here and there.


1. Pour 100 grams milk in a well every Saturday and avoid intake of milk at                night.

2. Apply Kesar (Saffron) Tilak on your forehead.

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