VIRGO 2016 PREDICTION


Key Transits – 2016

Jupiter transits through your Sign at the beginning of the year. Jupiter turns Retrograde from January 8 in Virgo.

Jupiter becomes Direct in motion from May 10.

Rahu transits through your Sign for the whole of the year.

Ketu transits in Pisces, in the 7th House from your Sign, for the whole of the year.

Saturn transits through Sagittarius, in the 4th House from your Sign, for the whole of the year.

Saturn turns Retrograde from April 1 and turns Direct from August 13.

Mars transits in its own Sign, the passionate Scorpio, the 3rd House from your Sign – from January 4 onwards.

Mars then enters the fiery Sign Sagittarius, 4th from your Sign, from March 7.

Mars turns Retrograde in Sagittarius from April 18, and later re-enters Scorpio in Retrograde mode from May 28.

Mars becomes Direct in motion in Scorpio from June 30, and again shifts to Sagittarius from August 3.

The ruler of your Sign Mercury turns Retrograde in the following periods in 2016:
January 7 to January 26
April 29 to May 23
August 31 to September 22
December 19

Eventful Times

January 6 to February 13
April 5 to October 24

The first half of the year 2016 should change the situation for the single Virgos out there. Jupiter would bring in a favourable clime for you to meet and attract new people in life. However Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius all through the year might put a brake in this area occasionally. Saturn's position for Virgo natives is also not conducive as demotions, loss of pay, etc are on the cards. 

Jupiter might favour a change or relocation but still you have to wait long for the results. Saturn would put you through a highly stressful period where you get exhausted and totally drained for the year.

Starting November 2016 you should be very careful for four months. Saturn moving to Scorpio will be significant for your next few year's future. During the first half of March 2016, Venus would be transiting your 9th house. This would make you more creative, pleasure trips would be favourable. Also this would be a good time to consolidate your relationships. In June and July 2016, Mars' transit in Virgo's Ninth House will make you want to escape from the routine life and have some adventure in life.

Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: None of the two is present

Negative aspect: You are too social

Positive aspect: You are very intelligent and efficient in doing analysis.

Lucky no: 10 & 2

Warning: Avoid criticising people unnecessarily

Remedy: Wearing a Pearl will help in better decision making. Keep a small piece of Silver in your wallet. Worship goddess Saraswati.

Color to be avoided: Red & Orange

Direction: West

Virgo natives would face a very positive and optimistic period in the year ahead. You would be able to think and act more maturely like never before. Socializing and friendships would be the highlight for the year ahead for all you Virgos out there. There would be positive energy around you with optimism looming around. It is a good time to introspect and discover your inner self and the spiritual path that you are treading.

If you are to receive ideas from others, think twice before you act on them. There would be some events around the year that might destabilize your emotional and physical self. Make wise decisions with time on your side. Keep your eyes and ears open to new ideas and new paths that might ring a bell on you. Weigh the pros and cons before you jump to conclusions related to your personal life. Bring the creative side of yourself to the outside world and be ready to bathe in glory and fame.


In this year, your career life would bring in more satisfaction and better financial inflows. This would be a good time to consolidate your standing in the professional arena. You would be able to establish new connections in your work place. Luck and fortune are on your side. Hence whatever you touch would turn into gold. But make sure that you do not force your ideas and opinions on your authorities and peers. Let them have their own say as well. Later on you can look into the nit gritty of the matter. Avoid direct confrontations and head-on debates in your career field for now as this might boomerang on your future prospects. Certain truths and secrets might come out of the closet in your field, but do not get shocked as you are not the direct target. Learn to get some insights from your mistakes in this period. The middle part of the year would be conducive to start new ventures or go in for a change. Whatever it is you would be able to reap good rewards around the end of the year. Do some groundwork for the coming year as well as this is not the end.


In this year of 2016 the love life of Virgo natives would be fine with a smooth sail. You would be able to move forward in a positive direction and would learn a lot from your past mistakes in this area. Do not hesitate to open up your mind and ideas to your partner. Get to understand his/her opinions, likes and dislikes as the year moves on. Make sure that your thoughts and ideas are conveyed in the right spirit to the love of your life. You would be able to see your relationships in a new angle for this year. This is an ideal time to make major changes in your love life, if a change had been in your mind of late. Around the middle of the year there would be much romance and passion involved in your relationship. There would be no scope for logical reasoning then. You would be following your heart's instincts rather than that of your mind. The end of the year shall bring about some changes in your emotional make-up. Be prepared to handle the same with ease.

In the year 2016, you would be able to learn the tricks and trends in the financial side thus improving your financial standing in the society. You would learn to correct your errors in budgeting now that you have your hands full. There would be a steady inflow of finances, pay out all your debts and outstanding dues and then go in for some pampering the shopaholic in you. But do not yield to temptations too much. Make wise decisions in a calm and cool environment as it would have serious repercussions in your life for the next few years. You need to know that money is everything in this modern world and hence hoarding it up would do no wrong in the long run. In fact you secure your future...


In 2016 your health area would be good as your emotional and mental sides would be doing well. Be optimistic in all your approaches. Check your endurance level by taking important diet and exercise related decisions. These would bring positive developments in your health. Though occasional indulgences cannot be ruled out make sure that you stay in touch with your physical self. Around the middle of the year, you need to take some time off as stress and strains of professional life would wear you down. Make a rebalance of your personal and professional life if it is warranted in the larger interest of your health. Focus your inner energy towards good channels and see the change in your health area.


All Virgo natives are advised to make full use of their potential and resources for this season. Though this would be a testing time, stay connected with your loved ones. Rely on them for mental support. The need of the year would bring in its fair share of trials and tribulations. Be prepared to handle it with ease.

Apply saffron (Kesar) tilak on your forehead.
Float four coconuts in running water after every four months.

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