The Role of Seventh House in Matrimonial Life

In the natal chart, seventh house decides the matrimonial affairs of a native according to astrological texts. In the natal chart, if Kalasarpa yogam is there, the foundations of the matrimonial life will be weak. Due to Kalasarpa yogam, there may be difference of opinion with couples, separation, disputes are very much likely. If the native is under the grip of Kalasarpa yogam and Rahu happens to be in lagna or in the seventh house, the native may lead a miserable life. After marriage, the native have to face so many problems. In the natal chart if Rahu is in lagna or in the seventh house, the adverse affects of Kalasarpa yogam has to be faced the by the native till necessary remedial measure are taken. If Rahu or Ketu in saptama stana and the lord of the seventh house is weak, there may be some disturbances in the married life and mars the married life. Even separation is also possible.

In the natal chart, if Kalasarpa yogam happens, the native has to face so many problems during Rahu dasa or antar dasa. If there is aspect on the seventh house, the adverse affects will be less. If the lord of the seventh house is strong, he will lead a happy life. If Rahu is in the second house and aspects saptamadipati, it creates pressures, tensions and disputes are foreseen in married life. In the third house, if Rahu aspects the seventh, the natives will not have any cordial relations with family members and may have extramarital life. In the fourth house, the native will not have cordial atmosphere and under severe mental tension. In the fifth house, the native spends money for love affairs and luxuries and due to this the domestic life is at threat. In the sixth house, the native may face financial hurdles and may go for severe borrowings. Health will be spoiled. In the seventh house, the native's wife will have severe temper and anger that causes the life in turmoil. In the eighth house, the couples may have to lead a disputed atmosphere life. Frequent exchange of words mars life miserable. It also leads to financial downtrend. In the ninth house, the natives leads a miserable life and in the tenth house, the native may not have the desired social status. After marriage, the native may not progress in any area. Rahu in the twelfth house causes disputed life and even physical violence is ruled out.

To minimize the negative effects, the natives have to consult an eminent astrologer and take up necessary remedial measures to pave way for smooth life.

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