Continuing from 2nd half of January 2015, you will see benefits from people who work for you. Taking care of them will provide mental satisfaction. It is required to take care of family at this time, proactively, as that is not in your nature now. Atmosphere in the family may be unhealthy. Situation will improve drastically in the second half. Overall, it is a good time to maintain low profile and chill a bit.
Travel in the first half will be stressful. There is a possibility of accidents and burglary during travel.
Take get good care of you diet. Health checkups or study on how exercise can improve your lifestyle will help you in long run. Your addictions – smoking/drinking require an intervention.
At work, first half is good where there will be gains from superiors. You will be able to pay off loans with financial situation improving in the past few months. Be careful with competition and adversaries at the place of work where they can be obstacles in your day to day work. You will need to balance between being aggressive at work and being withdrawn. Use the power of communication at work properly.

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