Lucky days for Taurus during this month are 1, 2, 5, 15, 18

Lucky December Colour: Green & Cobalt Blue

In January 2015, the zodiac Sign of Taurus and the first Sign of the Earth trigon will live through a generally positive period. First, this is connected with the fact that the Sun, the celestial body that is the exalt of this given sign, will be significantly reinforced through its general position on the celestial band. This way the Taurus’s will feel significant support in practically all areas of life. At the same time, Pluto – responsible for the expulsion of this zodiac Sign, will change his negative emanations to at least neutral ones due to once again his general position. At most, the Taurus’s may find double support on behalf of this planet, but only after an observance of certain rituals, the explanation of which goes beyond the scope of this material. One way or another, the Sign of Taurus will receive a powerful positive, creative impulse, which will be strengthened by Mercury in the financial sphere, as he is the current “celestial leader” of the sign. Venus, the planet-ruler of this Sign, will help in the area of personal relationships. Only Saturn will be in a negative state. The influence of the Ruler of Time may not be called defining, but nevertheless one should be careful, since it is the details, mistakes seemingly at first insignificant, that are usually the harbingers of real problems. 


Choose your words carefully near January 4 when a testy Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication may leave you with no other choice but to speak from the heart. While that's typically a good thing, in this instance you might be so filled with emotion that you are unable to censor yourself in any way. As a result, you may reveal information that you later wish you hadn't.

Another possibility during this Full Moon time is that one of your siblings will need your emotional support. He or she might be going through a difficult time and it may be something that you didn't even know about until now. You'll be there to help -- that's for certain. 

Still, career matters will shine thanks to a glorious New Moon on January 20 in your professional 10th House of Career. With Mercury turning retrograde the next day in this part of your chart, it appears that an opportunity you thought was dead news is about to revive itself. Give it your all! 

In matters of the heart, on January 27 Venus will enter your 11th House of Friends, adding plenty of opportunity for romance through your social interactions. Enjoy this boost until February 20.

The month will start in a good mood. You luck will be in your favor. You will get support from siblings and friends. Your earnings will be good, but there may be some problems due to children. If you are giving an exam or preparing for a competition, there are having bright chances of getting success. You may get involved in new contracts in business or get promotion in job. Despite of all these things, some problems are possible in domestic life. Disaffection with life partner is also possible.

Sudden financial gains are possible, if you are into business new and very profitable contracts are coming in your way. Time is favorable for making new investments, starting a new business and going for an interview for a new job. The decisions you make with your intelligence will give positive results. But, also take care that your decisions will not get influenced from other’s opinion. Change in the position of Saturn and Jupiter will increase your power and clout in business, work front and among the seniors. Time is also favorable for export-import, business and work related to foreign land and foreign travel.

Worship Lord Ganesha for gaining an increase in luck, offer him milk and grass, also offer green fodder and wheat bread to cow on Wednesday. Pregnant ladies are advised to take special care of themselves. Perform donations for the sake of Rahu, like black sesame seeds, Urad Daal (lentils), black clothes etc. Offer blanket to poor or lazars. Yoga and meditation is going to be extremely favorable this month. Take a light meal at night and try to sleep properly. Spend time with your life partner and flow a coconut wrapped in red cloth in flowing water.

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