4th February 2016 (Thursday)
ON 5th ,Paaran (Breaking the Fast) Time = 07:24 to 09:20
Ekadashi Start Date and time = 4/February/2016 को 01:06 Pm
Ekadashi Start Date and time= 5/February/2016 को 01:30 Pm

Shatila Ekadashi Upvash, is also known as Tila Ekadashi. It is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Narayan. This Ekadashi falls in Paush month.On this day of Ekadashi, one must donate “Tal” seeds to God and the needy. “Til” means sesame seeds (commonly known as “Tal”). “Da” means to donate. Hence on this day, one has to donate seeds and clothes to the Brahmins and the needy. One should go through the day by observing fast and constant devotion to God. In return, one will achieve good health and everlasting happiness in this life and the next.

Shattila – The Six Uses of Sesame Seeds 

Sat means six and tilla mean sesame seeds. Yes, the main significance of this day lies in the use of Sesame seeds in six different ways on this day. By doing so greatspiritual purification and religious merits can be achieved. The six uses are;

    1. Bathe in the water mixed with sesame seeds,
    2. Rub sesame seed paste on the body,
    3. Offer sesame seeds into the fire while performing Yagna or havana
    4. Prepare meals that include sesame seeds,
    5. Offer tarpans with Sesame seeds and peace for your ancestral fore father’s soul.
    6. Donate the sesame seeds (ladoo or simple seeds along with cereals)

Lord Vishnu To God Narad Importance Of Shatila Ekadashi

Once Lord Vishnu told God Narad about an incident and elaborated the importance of Shatila Ekadashi fast. The story narrated by Lord Vishnu to Narad ji is as follows.

In ancient time, a Brahmani used to live on earth. She always used to observe fast but never did any donations to any Brahman or monk. Once she observed fast regularly for a month. Due to which her body became very weak. Then Lord Vishnu thought that the Brahmani has purified her body by keeping the fast, so she will get a place in the Vishnu Lok but, she never donated food. So, achieving contentment is difficult for her. So Lord decided to visit her house in disguise of a beggar and ask for alms. If she does the charity, she will achieve satisfaction. So, Lord Vishu reached the Brahmani in disguise of a beggar on earth and asked for alms. She asked Lord "Highness, why have you come to me." Lord replied "I need alms." Listening this, immediately the Brahmani picked mud and pured it in the begging bowl of Lord Vishnu. God, went back to heaven with that mud.

After some time, the Brahmani left her body and reached heaven. By donating mud, she got a palace in heaven, but there was no food in the palace as she never donated any food. She got worried and went to Lord Vishnu. She said "Lord I observed fast and worshipped you, then also there is lack of food items in my house. Why is it so?" Then Lord Vishnu asked her to go back to her house and said Goddesses will come to see and meet you. Before opening the door ask from them, the significance of Shatila Ekadashi Vrat and then open the door. Brahmani did the same thing. She asked the importance of Shatila Ekadashi fast before opening the door. One of the Dev Istri(lady God) told Brahmani the importance of this fast. After getting the information, she opened the door. The Goddesses saw that she was neither a Gandharvi(beautiful) nor a demoniac. She was in form of a human like before death. Now the Brahmani got to know about not doing charity. Then she observed the Shatila Ekadashi fast as elaborated by the Goddess. This way all her sins were removed. She became beautiful and now her house was full of different food items.

Henceforth, every human being should sacrifice his temptation and greed. He should not think of his self-interest. On Shatila Ekadashi, cereals should also be donated with Til. This way, a person's fortune will grow strong. He will overcome all his misery and poverty and after his death he will get place in heaven.

Significance of Shattila Ekadashi

Remove all the sins and attains moksha.

Keep control on your senses.

Get rid of negative thoughts, anger, ego, gossips and other sinful activities.

Build your fate stronger by donating sesame (til) seeds, cereals and other food items.

Offering oblations to our dead ancestors with a mixture of water and sesame seeds is highly beneficial.

Attain Spiritual enlightenment and fulfil your desires.

Shattila Ekadashi Puja Vidhi

Observe Ekadashi vrat and remove sin from your life.

Apply paste of Sesame and water your body, this will benefit your skin.

Bath with water containing some sesame seeds early in the morning.

While bathing you should meditate on Lord Vishnu.

Perform your daily puja, worship Lord Vishnu and chant His holy name.

Mix Sesame Seeds in Panchamrit and bathe the Lord Vishnu’s statue with this Panchamrit.

He should remain awake overnight and observe jagrata, along with singing bhajan in the glory of Supreme God.

Performing Havan on this Ekadasi yields great religious merits.

Offer the 108 balls of cow dung, sesame seeds, and cotton wool into the sacred fire while chanting such holy names of the Lord.

Offer fruits such as pumpkin, coconut or guava while offering Aradhya to the Lord Vishu.

Don’t forget to make donation as per your ability. Donating a pitcher full of water, an umbrella, shoes and clothes to Brahmin or needy person is highly recommended

Mantra while offering ardhya on Shattila ekadashi

कृष्ण कृष्ण कृपालुस्त्वमगतीनां गतिर्भव ।
संसारार्णवमग्नानां प्रसीद पुरुषोत्तम ॥
नमस्ते पुण्डरीकाक्ष नमस्ते विश्वभावन ।
सुब्रह्मण्य नमस्तेSस्तु महापुरुष पूर्वज ॥
गृहाणार्ध्यं मया दत्तं लक्ष्म्या सह जगत्पते ।

O Lord! You give shelter to the poor. You are the restorer of people stuck in the ocean of this world. Hey Pundarikaksha! Hey Vishvabhavan! O Ancestor! Hey Jagatpate, I pay you my obeisance. I pray to you and Goddess Lakshmi to accept my Ardhaya.

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