Results of Sun Mahadasha        
Sun is perceived to be a positive and powerful planet which is believed to bring potency and brilliance in the native’s life. It is a potent and strong planet and is believed to be of supreme place and so on in general, it bestows the native with dominance and higher position. Altogether, Sun is believed to be a celestial body which brings luminous to the world and so on its is perceived to bring goodness in lives but as it is also the expression of heat and aggression, the native could also receive the same.
The natives of Sun Mahadasha are perceived to attain a good and strong place in the social circle as they would receive the support of higher authorities, government institutes and the person would acquire power & authority but this period could also cause distance or separation from some close relations besides which it would also decrease the number of people serving you as your servants.
In this period, people are perceived to receive good affluence from variant sources with significant involvement of pursuits related to medicines, weapons, fire, land and royalty. Besides this, it will enhance the inclination and vision towards the spiritual aspects and could lead the person towards pilgrim visits but this period will also enhance the anxiety and restlessness.
This period also holds the fear and threat from thieves, enemies, government and fire along with some health problems including venereal diseases, severe and fever besides which there could be lack of mental peace leading to unhappy living.  It could enclose the person and his closed ones with fears, distress and sorrowfulness. But the person would grow socially even if his/her personal life won’t remain good.

Results of Sun -Sun dasha | Sun vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
Sun as the antardasha of Sun Mahadasha is the first segment of Sun Mahadasha where Sun becomes more potent and effective and leaves much of its impact upon the native. It would be entirely a period of Sun for the native where he/she would attain much dominance and authority as this period would take them towards the good heights and would make them stand potent socially. The individual would also receive good financial benefits if the placement of Sun in the horoscope chart is not adverse.
The natives of Sun – Sun dasha or bhukti period are perceived to bestow the native with social potency and authority as he/she may attain honor and higher positions in this stage. Besides this, the person would get triumphs in all sorts of his/her wars or disputes and would receive all the gains but his/her mental composition won’t remain much balanced as the restlessness will also be a part of this period. It could also include traveling for the native due to variant reasons in Surya-Surya bhukti.

Results of Sun -Moon dasha | Moon vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The Sun – Moon period in the Mahadasha of Sun or Surya generally brings positive results and brings the betterment in one’s life as they both are perceived to be benefic planets. Besides this, as Sun is an aggressive planet and Moon is a calmed one, their being together could be taken as creating a balance here but the dominance would be of Sun only for its being his Mahadasha besides which Sun is also stronger than Moon.
The individual in  Sun – Moon dasha or Bhukti would attain true respect and honor in this period which would make him/her stand high with authority as well as with high affluence due to good gains and triumphs in the period. People enjoy comfortable, luxuries and blissful phase of life with closed ones in this combination if the planetary positions are not against. Some positive and significant happenings could also be seen in this period but some disputes, distress and fears are also indicated. The person would stand invincible but he/she might not be able to attain peace.
The negative aspects of this combination would include clashes with the sovereign authority, possibility of imprisonment, difficult and fearful traveling, danger from water and theft in Surya-Chandra bhukti.

Results of Sun -Mars dasha | Mars vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The antardasha of Mars in the Mahadasha of Sun brings the two powerful planets together and this emerges as the most potent combination which will bestow the same potency to the natives and would make them stand high with authority and dominance. The native having this period of Sun-Mars dasha would get endowed with good affluence besides which it would be a period of comfort and luxuries.
Apart from this, Mars antardasha under Sun indicates some auspicious happenings in the native’s life and his family arena would get filled with goodness. This Sun-Mars period is also one of the period of gains and triumphs but its worst impacts comprises lack of peace, family conflicts, loss of kinsmen and some failures too. In the end, there might be some dissatisfaction from the side of governmental issues.

Results of Sun -Mercury dasha | Mercury vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The planet Mercury is a soft and fantastical planet but it is perceived to be a benefic presence and when it comes along with the potent and powerful Sun, they creates a balance in between but still the Sun would be dominant here for its being Sun’s Mahadasha. It would be a period with the blend of both good and bad which would make the native quiet restless as well.
The individual under Sun- Mercury dasha could receive some distress from the side of closed one’s but people would be supportive to the person and he/she would also receive happiness at family in variant ways. This period of Mercury antardasha under Sun mahadasha comprise the possibilities of some significant happenings of life as well as some important recognition and achievements though the path could be quiet troublesome. It will bring fame and higher position in the social circle and the native would get endowed with reverence.
The financial goodness in Sun- Mercury dasha or bhukti would also be present in this period and the person would get truly inclined towards spiritual directions and would pursue pious and scared pursuits. Some little health problems would be present and as the period would be quiet unstable, the lack of peace is also possible in Surya - budh bhukti.

Results of Sun -Jupiter dasha | Jupiter vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The planet Jupiter or Guru is perceived to be a teacher among all the planets and so on it provides wisdom and knowledge to the natives and so on the combination of Sun – Jupiter is perceived to bring positive impacts and betterment in the life of the native. Besides this, the positive relationship between the two planets is the another reason for their receiving goodness.
The individual in Sun – Jupiter dasha or bhukti would attain strong wisdom and true knowledge besides which he/she would acquire true vision towards morals and trueness and altogether, they will stand at higher platter of respect and social stature. The influence of Sun mahadasha  – Jupiter antardasha combination would take them towards spiritual directions and they could also confront some growth of affluence in this phase. The person would be endowed with all the comfort and luxuries which would turn his/her life all of goodness in Surya - Surya Bhukti.

Results of Sun -Venus dasha | Venus vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The combination of Sun or Surya  and Venus or Shukra is again a balanced arrangement as the planet Venus is a soft and flexible planet which would sit finely with the highly energetic and impatient Sun and will bring quiet balanced impacts upon the native’s life though, we won’t call it completely a period of all the goodness.
The period of Sun-Venus dasha would lead the person towards more of enjoying all the possible comforts and luxuries and for same he/she would pursue lavish spending of money and would get involved in unworthy and useless pursuits. The person would receive good gains and so on the financial aspects would stay satisfying and he/she would attain good place with respect and dominance but their could be some conflicts at the personal front.
Some auspicious happenings are also possible in this period of Sun mahadasha and Venus antardasha  and traveling could also be a part. At the whole, this would be a period of pleasures and amusements but this could also lead you towards some loss of position and mental distress later besides which some health problems including body aches and fever are also indicated in Surya - Shukra bhukti .

Results of Sun -Saturn dasha | Saturn vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The antardasha of Saturn in the Mahadasha of Sun is perceived to be a powerful combination as both the planets are potent creatures while the Saturn is perceived to be a malefic planet which would bring some negative impacts upon the native’s life. This period would bring a blend of both positive and negative shades.
The person in Sun-Saturn dasha would confront some hurdles in his/her path of education and career besides which he/she would become somewhat indolent too besides this, the flow of money would also decrease to some extent and much of hard work would be needed in this period. The foes would increase but the native would win over them but the path would be difficult and it won’t be a smooth walk which would lead towards the lack of peace though some auspicious happenings are also indicated.
The person under the influence of Sun-Saturn dasha would lead towards the recognition and achievements through his/her hard endeavors which would make the middle phase of the period quiet blissful but in the end, the distress would emerge due to distance and separation in some close relations. Some possible negative aspects in the antardasha of Saturn would comprise fever, dysentery diseases, loss of money, disputes and imprisonment.

Results of Sun -Rahu dasha | Rahu vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The shadow planet Rahu is perceived to be a malefic planet in astrology which usually perceived to bring negative impacts besides which Sun and Rahu do not share good relations as they are perceived to be enemies and so on this combination could leave some adverse impacts upon the native’s life.
The native under Sun-Rahu dasha or bhukti would confront much of conflicts and some of losses in this phase as failures are possible at most of the places and this would lead to much of tension and distress. The person could also receive harm from closed ones and enemies could bring serious losses. Besides this, the person could confront his social downfall as his/her power and authority would reduce and he/she might face lack of respect.
The loss of affluence is also possible in this period of Sun -Rahu and the person holds the fear from thieves and snakes. But this difficult picture will not last for the full period as some period would see some positive rays as well in which everything will begin to change towards the positive picture and the person would receive recognition and affluence which altogether would bring happiness at home in Surya - Rahu bhukti.

Results of Sun -Ketu dasha | Ketu vimshottari antardasha under Sun Mahadasha
The combination of planet Ketu and Sun or Surya would bring most of negative impacts as the Ketu is a malefic planet and Sun is highly powerful and aggressive. Ketu would induce problems in the path even if Sun would bring positive impacts, hurdles would surely be there due to the presence of Ketu and this combination won’t let the person solve them with patience which would again bring distress and lack of peace.
in this period of Sun-Ketu dasha or bhukti, the problems in career and finance would lead towards the downfall of the person besides which this will be a period of health problems including, eye ailments, diseases of mouth, urinary problems and fear from authority and the loss of closed one is also indicated. The native would require to work really hard and would be needed to stand strong.
In this Sun-ketu dashaor bhukti, the person would get some happiness from the side of his closed one’s and would attain some of the calmness due to them besides which, friends would render support

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