August 2015


   Sravan Kamika Ekadashi 

Sravan Kamika Ekadashi Timings:

On 11th, Parana Time = 05:51 to 08:29
On Parana Day Dwadashi End Moment = 16:59

Ekadashi Tithi Begins = 16:58 on 9/Aug/2015
Ekadashi Tithi Ends = 16:45 on 10/Aug/2015

Legend behind Kamika Ekadashi

Brahmavaivarta Purana mentions that Lord Krishna once told the significance of this Ekadashi to Yudhishthira, the saintly king. Yudhishthira asked Lord Krishna to tell him about the Ekadashi, which occurs during Krishna Paksha or the dark fortnignt of the Shravan month. On this, Lord Krishna told him the story behind this Ekadashi. He told him that one day, Narad Muni asked Lord Brahma about this Ekadashi and several other questions like the god to be worshiped on this day, the process to observe fast and also its benefits etc. Lord Brahma was very happy to answer him, as even listening about Kamika Ekadashi is like performing an Ashwamedh Yajna. Lord Brahma then told him that, on this day, one who offers prayers to the divine Lord Vishnu achieves the purity that one gets after bathing in the Ganges river or in the sacred Kali Gadaki or the Godavari river during the full Moon day. Worshiping Lord Vishnu on this day is like donating the whole earth in charity. Observing fast on this day showers the same blessings that one gets from donating a cow and her calf with their fodder. He also told Narada that one who fasts on this day, gets liberation from all the sufferings. That person does not even have to suffer the future births. That person is more blessed than a person who reads spiritual texts.

After narrating this story to Yudhishthira, Lord Krishna also told him that it was very auspicious day because it neutralized the effect of every sin committed in the past, even that of killing a Brahman. This fast blesses the seeker with Vaikuntha, Lord Vishnu's divine abode.

Procedure To Observe Fast

This Ekadashi fast begins from the Dashmi date, i.e. one day before Ekadashi. The following rules must be followed:

On the Dashmi Tithi, the person who observes fast, should have a positive attitude and must behave properly. He should be soft spoken and must avoid speaking foul language. He must speak truth. He should not hurt anyone.

One must be firm in his mind while keeping this fast, as the time span of observing this fast is very long. Once started, the fast should never be left out in the middle. Meat, honey, barley etc. must be completely avoided. Only one meal should be taken. No salt should be taken.

The person observing fast must sleep on earth. After waking up early in the morning on the Ekadashi day, the person must bath with Til as well as Kush. One should wear clean clothes.

Then, Lord Vishnu should be worshiped. Prayers are offered by the person observing fast to Lord Vishnu to earn his blessings. Lighting Ghee (purified butter) lamp as well as offering Tulsi leaves in the Lord Krishna temples is considered highly auspicious.

Story Related To Kamika Ekadashi

In ancient times, there lived a cranky Thakur and a Brahmin. Both had a fight and the Thakur killed the Brahmin. Due to this, the Brahmins refused to have food. So, on feeling guilty and realizing his mistake, the Thakur asked a Muni the way to nullify his sins. On this, the Muni told him to observe the Kamika Ekadashi fast. Thakur observed the fast. Then a miracle happened when Thakur saw a dream while he was sleeping near the idol of god, god told him, "Thakur, all sins are removed and now you are free from the sin of Brahman Hatya". Therefore, this Ekadashi is considered very important for spiritual seekers, as it destroys all the negativity from consciousness and fills the mind and heart with divine light.


Rituals for Kamika Ekadashi Vrat

You should take bath early in the morning.

Worship Lord Vishnu. Offer Panchamrit, flowers, fruits, milk and sesame seeds.

Offer Tulsi leaves. It has a significant importance.

Fill the lamps with ghee or sesame oil, light them and offer to Lord.

Observe fast. Kamika Ekadashi fast is considered equivalent to reciting all the scriptures dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Feed a Brahman and donate to needy. This holds immense importance, it make Lord Happy.

Perform jagran, sing bhajans, kirtans and chant the name of Lord Vishnu.

Kamika Ekadashi – Importance

Worshipping Lord Vishnu on this auspicious day is considered equal to taking bath in holy rivers at religious pilgrimage centre.
It frees you from Pitru dosha and protects you from calamity.
It frees you from material desires and provides salvation.
Kamika Ekadashi blesses you with peaceful mind, a pure heart and strengthens your bond with God.
Offering Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu on this day provides relief from all sins. 

Kamika Ekadashi – Significance of Tulsi

Tulsiji is very dear to Lord Vishnu. He is always pleased by the devotees who worship him with these divine leaves. A Tulsi leaf is valued more than any other offering or sacrifices that you make to please Lord. It plays a prominent role in the rituals performed on Kamika Ekadashi Vrat. Tulsi leaves are said to purify your body and soul. It fights all evils and destroys your Sins. It is said that;

Darsana of tulsi on Kamika Ekadashi – removes all sins.

Touching her and praying to her – removes all kinds of disease.

Giving water to tulsi plant – remove fear from Yamaraja, protects from mishap.

Planting tulsi – you will reside with Lord Krishna in His own abode.

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